Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just Eat it.

Wah today stomach damn pain. Something that boy will never get =) how nice. Anyway ! TODAY we cook and dine in hell! Ahem i mean dine in E-48-A. After wake up at around 6pm we start to cook! hehe Why i slp till so late? cause to avoid the painfulness... slp can reduce the pain.

Long time no cook a real meal so this time i challenge myself to cook Gong Bou Gai Ding. =) is spicy chicken dish. Too bad my hsemates kenot eat too spicy stuff so i just add lil bit of dry chili. ( Myra: DAMN SPICY OKEI!?) ops.

Start with chicken breast. .

Tada! GBGD siaaap! Is really nice. haha

Yvonne cook this Toufu with Chicken Meat Stew thingy.
Super nice !

Japan style Brinjal stew! NICE and unique taste.
Cook by Yvonne too.

No dining table so .... A box and some newspaper will do the trick.

Chef Helper Myra and Chef Yvonne.

Chef Yvonne and Lil Chef me. lol Yoroushiku~

Two random customers. LOL
William and Keat.

Positive feedback and Myra said:" Is better thn outside food! " Happy die us. =) hmm tml what shll i cook? Western? =P

P.S Clean kitchen is nice to cook~



Khairul Johari said...

woo.. keat damn sexy..

Sepet Vernz said...

you really know how to cook gong bou ayam d meh??? xD I doubt tat tim~*+*

But anyway, Congrate~! ^^v next time cook for me also ba!

BuG said...

khairul >u really have crush on him ? XD

sepet > don doubt it believe it =P yea cook extra spicy for u