Sunday, June 8, 2008

panda rawr

Panda eat Bamboo

This post got nothing to do with the title. Keke. Okei the reason i put that title coz i am listening to Kung Fu Panda's soundtrack ( my mom ask me to help her download). Fine. I might as well give a review about this animation movie from Dreamwork. =)

I watched this movie few days back with my bunch of Film & Animation buddies fr Cyberjaya. Hehe Looking forward to watch their production in the future ! Our future msia animator or director. hehe ahem the movie! yay Kung Fu Panda is kick ass.

See panda can kick ass too. hehe i paid RM11 for this movie can is one day after the premiere. IS EXPENSIVE but worth it for me. The graphics, animation is nice. Yea the concept and the storyline maybe a lil too common. Spoiler : A flabby panda(kung fu wannabe) that work for a mee shop. Out of nowhere he became the dragon knight which destine for something huge~ which is the peace of the China...and so on so on. Is not something new but it does feel new. =D if you know what i mean.

The movie is hilarious. I especially love the beginning part , the 2D animation where the panda was dreaming.

"cause they all will be blinded by the panda's awesomeness!!"

Yesh whn Jack Black said it sound more funny somehow. Look out for Angelina Jolie and Jacky Chan too, i din know they actually one of the cv in the

AND after the credit there is more to see! =) okei is like 8 secs of show. So sit back and watch finish the whole thing ya!

I shall give this movie 8 out of 10. GJ to all the production crew. =) -2 for the story. hehe

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