Saturday, May 17, 2008

wuuwaaa monster hunter!


Whee ! When i whee i am happy. Yeah so WHEEEE! Just left one more paper thn i am free from beta! Well almost.... have to wait for result and see if i fail any subjects anot . =) OKAY is too early to talk abt result. Anyway WHEEEEEeeEee! I am in good mood.

Currently listening to Imogen Heap - Oh me, Oh my. Such a nice song , credit to Cheese, my lovely dm coursemate. And YOU THIS BASTARD ! he started his holiday already because he next week don't have exam. Hate ya baby~

Oh whats all this have to do with the title - RAWR ? CAUSE I FINALLY CAN CONCENTRATE ON MY MHP2ndG =)

Neglect this game too long and is making me feel bad. =( my character still stuck with mhp2nd armors and abt the village mission i almost finishing! god. Few days back i just clear the village shengaoren mission 紧急事态发生! that crab . . .

Now i just have to unlock the 最后的招待状 the last mission . then i can proudly graduate from village pohpoh and go to G!

Wait my good news =) can't wait.

OH YEA there will be a awesome monster hunter gathering in Genting this coming June. Hope can make lots of friends there hahahahaaaaa . . . - - but i doubt that cause i am dark and twisty =P

Looking forward for good things to happen!

* my hsemates pinsamKhaiMing and cheesyJianwei kena monster hunter drug =) they been playing days and nights hardly see them sleep at night =D

Long time ago i use my mhf2nd character to play with them. U BOTH FASTER CONVERT

After studying for nonstop, relax awhile with my mhp2nd g=O

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