Friday, May 16, 2008


Grey's test

okei was bored and hot!!! HOT !! did i mentioned hot? YEA HOT BABY!

Took one of the grey's anatomy quiz =D i love this series. Anyway this is my result:

Your Result
Dr. Cristina Yang
You are incredibly focused and driven and are extremely competitive. You have difficulties conveying your feelings. You find it hard to empathize with most people. But you value logic and practical thinking above emotional reasoning.
Taken 15745 times

How surprise i thought i am suppose to be like Meredith, dark and twisty inside LOL but seems like competitive is part of me . . . i not sure. Maybe i am. Difficulties in conveying my feelings << this sentence is damn true. hahahahahaaa I don't really know the art of talking.

BUT i do empathize with most people. Value logic and practical...welll maybe. Everything happen for a reason right?

"8% of quiz takers resulted in:
Dr. Cristina Yang"

ahahahaaaaa lucky this world don't have much of Christina Yang ( nuclear war might happen).

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