Sunday, May 4, 2008



动态度, 我的肠也跟着蠕动~~~ 因为肚子一直痛~(被逼迟去! = =")

Reach there when almost 3pm ( the thing start at 1pm ). And i have to walk to that place haha quite nice to walk around in a busy city and the weather is fine cause just after rain. Meet up with Shuqi and another 2 gals.... forgot to ask their names = =" but i know one is from MMU another one is from The One. =D McD, wherever i go i can see you!

In McD, i try challenge the bigmac chanting thing~~ and i finish all the ingredient in 2.8 sec! =D GIVE ME BIG MAC !! The Mcd beside central market is pretty bad. Damn SLow!
Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, onion, pickle, cheese and sesame seed buns! muahaha
I remembered!

Then we went in :

The band was performing is Nau or Nao. I remember Adam recommend this band but when i got in they say THANK YOU! haha late. The next performance is ManHand. Quite interesting. There are 6 members include 1 gal. They are msia cantonese rnb hiphop or rap band. Not bad.

Then Dian Bang aka 电棒. Can't really hear what the vocal singing and all i heard is balibabababiliababa~~ but the electronica music not bad. After that got heavy metallica grind rock band...fuhyo... CHEESE YOU WILL LIKE IT! and there are some hardcore fans tossing their body around and 'fengtao' like mad man. =D awesome. haha

Got many bands more but we decided to shop around ~ :

Cute stuffs .


More cute stuffs~

see tat cow and milk box!

More tshirt~ the design is nice. Too bad out of cash ald!

A hidden shop that sell lomo film =D okei is not hidden just hard to find.
Shuqi bought 8 films from the guy =D

Going back!

Took ktm back to kepong. Its been awhile . .WATS UP KTM! lucky is not that crowded if not i will swear again not to use KTM. =D oh yea i bought neko ear ! hahaaaa can't resist it. Pure evil.

My fingers suppose to be the whiskers ! GOT IT?

Conclusion : Not bad just that no smoking and liquor allow in the event. =( haha and the place is pretty small. Still is fun to see local chinese band making it big and creative art craft creatively designed. I mean is pretty good, not bad after all.

P.s The pictures above is taken by my PSP, toy camera effect ! Feel lomo-ish? haha except the last 1 meow!

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