Thursday, May 15, 2008

The lil lion fr London

Christian the Lion

My friend Yap send me one video link and really touches my heart.

Must Watch This Video : Christian the Lion

Isn't animal something incredible, Christin true affectionate friendship and loyalty towards them. The moment when the lion "hug" them, they all cried. After separated for one year the lion still remember them. Is amazing. Science can't proof it.

Definitely have to go and read the full story ! Go go go :

Official Sites of Christian the Lion
Articles about Christian


"...we are not much different in fact to many other forms of animal life;
and it is because of subtle human conditioning
-- not the actual facts --
that we are raised to believe there is a wide gap between
what is human and what is animal."

-Gareth Patterson, Last of the Free (1994)

Young Lil Christian when still in the urban city.

*notice that the Christian fur's is thicker than normal lion? cause he living in winter! haha

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