Thursday, May 29, 2008

Monster hunter Video!

Under the sea

Now i am trying to figure out the hell to record my gameplay experience to video! I read the forum. . is in mandarin and my mandarin understanding always abit off so i had hard time making it work. - -" Why isit so hard?? Okei maybe is not hard at all.

OHYEA congrats to myself finally i am hunter rank 9. :) First of all thx to all the "GODs" that help me in the mission. Now my another target is to get black fatalis aka 黑龙's armor. Is damn yeng ! ( i think so )

I shall continue blur like sotong (cheese found this amazing phrase) and make the video record thing work. - - amitabha~


Malay for “squid”. Used to describe someone as rather inept or in a world of his own. Presumably, it comes from the squid’s emission of a cloud of ink, hence the popular phrase, “blur like sotong.” May be used as both noun and adjective.
1. “Aiyah, why you ask him to go and do things? He’s damn sotong one!”
2. “Why are you such a sotong?”

hence, blur like sotong.

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