Monday, May 19, 2008


Mini Holidays

Gaming is fun. You all should go and try. =)

Roll your face is fun. Can make your face smaller =)

Drink barley is fun. You all should go and taste some =)

Okei obviously holidays is damn relaxing, can't you feel it fr the 3 sentences above!! HELLO HEAVEN CIAO CIAO HELL.

Forgive my 'highness' haha cause i just abit over excited . . abit thou.
Anyway, yesterday went to Sungai Wang with my dear kire-chan aka yingying. She got her new car! Myvi black and her plate number is......secret. If you know her hp number then you will know. LOL
We drove to kl ( okei not her - -) at around 4pm and KL still the same old damned jammed jammed place. That is only few things you can do in the car when you stuck in a trafficjam.

Make your life happier with a psp =) (not advertising) :

Come say wuuu with me~

hmm whats with that??

Slow moving car in city is fun.

Contradiction. You know the contrast? =) the @ and the -

She love that mouthless kitty.

AaAaAaa! Don't come near me!

Fine. Smile at my psp.

Recognize the street? =)

IN SUNGAIWANG. too busy hunting good stuffs no time with camera. Dono how this shoot appear:

WoW! *no comment*

I like this shot. Everything dissolve around her LOL. =)

Darn the photobucket got some technical problem. Can't get to upload my videos - - YOUTUBE INSTEAD :

I am just trying to annoy her =X :


Anyway met some of yingying frens lo...all oso very talkative and nice. AND THE MAIN POINT IS

TADA~~~ HAPPY =) bought some tshirts....and my dad gave me RM50! MIRACLE!!!!

I bought a boy tshirt . . i shall think of a way to blend it with gal style. Maybe i will need a scissor to assist me. ^^ i think that boy tshirt will be a trend for a gal. =X or is already a trend? Long time never wear big and loose tshirt. i wan to be cool like a cool boy. muahaha

Wanted to buy a skirt to go with my tee but oh well * money is everything*

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