Wednesday, May 28, 2008

another lapsap night =)

Lapsap night

once again! IS TONIGHT!! This time going with kepong friends. . . introduce them to electronica, nurave, edbanger music~

hope they like it.

update soon.

OKEI BACK! reach home around 240am.

Apparently my kepong friends don't really like it . ehehee but had another awesome night in the party. OH yea i finally know how to lock the toilet door ... . after like 4 visits there. :) don't ask.

This time they got waledance~ cute. Near end, got a lot of boygroup songs etc nsync, kc&jojo and er boyzone? lol thats abit too much dude. i wan electronica~~! And we did some boyband pose! - - pretty hilarious.

Photo with Eunice. She going back to penang after the party man at 3am. PArty liKE A ROCkStar! hehe Yvonne also going back Sabah the next day. Aww gonna miss you all. =) take care and happy holidays~

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