Sunday, January 11, 2009

I am Awesome.

I am still alive! After an incredible journey of doing DM assignment, now i feel that i can conquer anything i want! lol lame. 

Wed : W0ke up at 11am, started experimenting and creating the game. Work untill the next day.
Thursday : Work till around 1pm, i cant take it anymore, took a cat nap for 1 and a half hours.                     Woke  up at 230pm and continued my work. 

Friday : Went back Cyber at around 9pm, reached Cyber continued creating the game, concept board, documentation, printing and burn cd. Finished everything ( exept the website) around 230pm. I got exam on 3pm till 5pm. Submitted my work at around 440pm. Went back kepong and slept at 8pm till 2pm (Sat). 

Nonstop for 3 days! NO study for final exam! sorry media aes~ Now my face look like the beautiful moon. = = As for the game, i enjoy making it eventhought encountered some problems like how to get the character auto show text right after a battle

Is not the full game, just a prototype. So, the game is not even release yet ( lol ) Anyway this is the concept art, collaboration between me and my fren 
Charuk! He did most of the painting and drawings (pro)  lol I drew the main character face and colored the evil god and reedit abit :
Well, the game is not as pretty as the concept art = = 

Some screenshots from the game, ShadowBred:

Here is the game : Download at your own risk. =)  (Actually, Norman requested ^^")

>>>>>>>>> ShadowBred <<<<<<<<

* one of my childhood dream : Make an RPG game. LOL dream came true ey? BUT IS NOT A COMPLETE RPG GAME!! ARGH!

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