Thursday, January 1, 2009

So far so good

Hows everyone's new year? This year i stucked in Cyberjaya! yay. Twisting my head to hope that some intelligent juices might just squeeze through and give me an idea or hints on HOW TO WRITE THIS PARTICULAR AURA ESSAY. Argh Walter Benjamin's is literally torturing me on new year eve and new year. Spare me... U R DEAD ALREADY! or he is not?

Dawn of the last day, Kitty Keat ajak go cyberpak to have a stroll...see sunset or whatever. Saw this bloody cheesy flower arrangement thing. An Iranian guy was picking up flowers and arranged it into a love or heart shape. I bet he took a photo of it and MMS to his wife back in Iran with text like :" Honey, Happy New Year!"

I jahat. So i went and took the photo of the flower and claimed it as mine! After finish plagiarised his magnificient artwork, i used my giant feet and destroyed it into pieces. :D i ain't got no romance. Anyway i saja for the sake of last day 2008 i made a bet with Kitty Keat and i loosed. Now he can slap me anytime he want to.  Only one slap. 

Later, went back home and met Khairul Cheese and Khairul J. Khairul J got a life! we all don't have. So we decided to celebrate new year in front of the pc. I wanted to do my essay but no nothing came out. So i went to sleep at around 8pm :D  Woke up at 1030pm to get ready for my roommate's bday Yvonne! yeaa 1st of Jan is her bday man, the whole world is counting down to her bday. Awesome.

BUT last min like really last min, we all(my fellow hsemates and neighbour mates, basically all poor ppl that stucked with assignments) decided to go see fireworks display (Putrajaya bridge) at Cyberview lodge park. 12:00am striked while we were all in the car. damn. Well end up there were no fireworks, guess that government already forget about US, (normal human being that lust for entertainment) Cyberjaya and Putrajaya's citizens. I saw lots of family, humans camping/picnic by the lake and worst of all the Putrajaya (jammed with car) waiting for the fireworks~ All gave up and went back home after like 1210am.  As for us, we camwhoe abit by the lake...ya again.

Later, went back and had a surprise bday bash for Yvonne. All i can say is there were lots of flying chocolate cakes, splashing beers, water and more cakes. Thx to William... i was attacked by all those infectious cake zombies. = = In order to protect myself, i burned William down. :D

Charuk....Charuk i know you waited this moment for a long time!! YOU BLOODY AIMED ME !! but i return attacked him with beers shower! Poor Bday gal's face was full with cakes T_T happy bday my dear fren! :D

After that makan at old town~ I think Cyberjaya's oldtown is the best(in term of Oldtown restaurant). Seriously. After had our 1st sumptious 2009 meal (why oldtown T_T), went back home and played some games... I laughed damn hard man. William was the big WINNER! yea "winner" with the prize of all of our saliva. :D Mix drinks, passing banana and cheezels~ Banana with garlic chilis...What else. William and Tsing Yong LOL best kisser of the day. Yvonne kissed JianWei's armpit LOL Jian Wei banana bang with Leonard... I rubbed Von's ass with my face - - , Keat was Hitler. I laughed till stomachpain.

The games ended at around 630am but not for me~ I went to Yap's house to take some movies :D Tom and Jerry muahaha. The first sunrise i saw  in 2009 was in Yap's place. Din really saw it just saw the day getting brighter and brighter and voila~ Morning. First morning of 2009, nice to meet you 2009. 请多多指教! Yoroushiku!

9am. Slp. 

This is the flower thingy :

"honey~ Happy new year~"

My ass. 

Happy new year everyone! Bring it on 2009!!! 没怕过!!! 

Chinese new year is coming soon! Can't wait. :D 

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