Monday, January 12, 2009

Once Again

Just now went to Yingying place to drink and brag about relationship problem (not ours thou ;D) and watched Jeeper Creepers... - - Anyway, we was talking about how this particular women treated her relationship. Even though her boyfren treated her badly ( i dont want to elaborate ), she still wants to be with him. I wonder why?? Why we, women love to torture ourselves? Exclude me pls. I ain't got the patience to stick with some faggots that rottening my happiness. If be with the person you love means having more sad, sorrows, insecure, blah blah. I rather move on with someone who are better or just be with myself(& my cute dogs).

While we were talking, suddenly i thought of an article i wrote long time ago about this problem & i found it! I wrote it on 2007! :

Big Girl Don't Sad ( Read finish or else don't even start )

Back from Genting! Woohoo straight go Grandma house eat lunch, Grandpa out from hospital and he look much better now. Thx God.

While eating my delectable yummy home cooking lunch ( i am grandma's cooking's fan ) i read through articles in newspaper. One of the article attracted me, was about this lady. I think she's from Taiwan actress or artist. Well is just a normal interview about her but i very very very agree with what she said in the paper.

We as a modern age women or girl , should know how to make ourselves happy and not always be sad. Our OWN happiness should come first in our life, just like a pyramid but sadly most of the girl have inverted pyramid. Here is a clearer image(or more confusing LOL) :

This is what i belief too. I saw lot of sad cases around me, in the news and everywhere. They were sad and depressed over their boy, life, family etc. Her bf hit her, her bf treat her like shit yet, Girl treat them with patient and tolerant but what we get is shitty repay. Seriously is this really what you wanted?? We should care more of our own feeling and happiness. Happiness should be the 1st place in the pyramid 2nd will be your boy, family, frens. 3rd will be money, material and etc. Learn to love yourself so that you can love somebody else.

In the interview, she also said that some of her girlfriend kept complain about the pay for the job is not gud , that bf not gud. When you are unhappy with it just change it or throw it , whats the point of making oneself suffer? Just do something you like, even if it is hard, you will still love it no matter what.

What i think is:

We swim like
mad sperm to get in that fugly ovum just to be born in this wonderful world. We are all fighters and winners , we deserve better. That is why we should be happier because we are all winners! We are not born to be treated like some garbage here. We are all champion here! Sometimes being stubborn and self-centered is not such a bad thing after all. Is not that you are selfish, you just stand up for yourself, your own point of view. Yea i glad that i am stubborn. I glad that i not follower anymore. I glad that i can fight for myself.

有时 女人自我 是一件好事. 至少你了解自己, 肯为自己活得精彩!


Other people torture you, is a crime. You torture yourself, is a sin.
Come on! Step up Step up!
活出自我!!!! ( LOL )


Tats the article i wrote about gal's right to happiness. Lots of grammatical mistakes and Yea the pyramid i drew was disastrous. The top of the pyramid shld be our happiness and so on but most girl nowadays have the inverted pyramid which means they put their own(happiness,dignity etc) priority at the bottom.

This is 2009 and stop living in the old TVB drama story plot, the part where the poor heartbroken little pathetic girl that cry her lungs out for a fucking useless guy. Snap out of it and move on like the a real girl. No i am serious. We don't live long in this world, do we need more depress hours?? Hell no.

When your relationship really kenot be safe :
Cry, let it out, suck it in, be strong, move on, upgrade yourself, try more new stuff that you never got the chance to do so, do things that you like and falls in love again.

You only live once. Stop making it shittier.

*If you are a boy and you be like any of those pathetic TVB drama gal i will kick ur ass hard. Be a man. fuck.


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