Monday, January 12, 2009

Before i slp, suddenly i think of :

French Polynesia - Ultimate destination (Islands) Bora Bora, Tahiti

When i just look at these pictures, my heart beats faster and i can't stop smiling. Terharu!!! 感动!! Absolutely beautiful and yea picturesque! 

When can i visit such spectacular place?? I must go there with my love one! family, lover and fren - we must share this experience together... I can feel that everyday is happy day there. 

Argh i miss islands!

BoraBora island :

i wan to go there! who can bring me there?? pls pls pretty pls! :D 


书其 said...

走!我带你去!现在就收拾行李!记得准备二十千给我买两张机票就是了 XD

BuG said...

- - 不如我帮你收拾行李, 你准备二十千吧...

书其 said...

等我发达先 =3

BuG said...

不如等我发达吧 :D

书其 said...