Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Go Von!

16th January 2009!  Went to Bangkok Jazz at Chulan Square to see Von Trappu Trio or Von Torapu Torio performance. I wanted to support  my roommate's Yvonne (or best known as Von) gig! wahhaa She can sing very awesome! When is our next sing k session? hehe

I dragged Ying and Kazu and Ying dragged Sowhat and TanSri together to the place. HaHa. We drank, we played and we shouted ( coz was playing the 007 games..."AHH!") . Met William, KhaiMing and the rest too. Anyway nice ambient and nice atmosphere for a good night out. Too bad no photos! wohooo~

BUT i steal a video from youtube! Their live performance , cover a japan song (from Inuyasha):

Sugoi desune!


Khairul Johari said...

y never invite me? :(

Sepet Vernz said...

i can sing~

BuG said...

i go in short notice oso @@

next gig i tell u la u bring ur awesome camera come shoot ! haha