Tuesday, January 6, 2009


1. Earn my first 1 million dollar. ( dollar ok)
2. Ride a bike, a big bike
3. Jump off a cliff into the sea...as long is safe
4. Surf!
5. Okay sky diving! i love to fly..apparently we just falling
6. Find Mr.Big (LOL)
7. Go to NYC! 
8. Make a film
9. Bungee jump!
10. Eat, Play, Shop at Japan~ ikuzo
11. Go to outer space!!! hahaaa
12. Attend a fabulous fashion show

will add more in the future~


书其 said...

不错~ 有大志!加油加油 XD

BuG said...

志气在那? XD

谢谢支持! 你的penang的lomo照呢?