Friday, January 23, 2009


Just now was having this conversation with Cheese.

madmazelle: wanna go kl tml?
Cheese Hed: ?
madmazelle: = =
madmazelle: answer!
Cheese Hed: no la
Cheese Hed: dkat perak ahaha
madmazelle: pif
madmazelle: take bus come!
Cheese Hed: what fooooooor
Cheese Hed: u come here ka
Cheese Hed: *la
Cheese Hed: ada pantai
madmazelle: = 3=
madmazelle: aku nak beli baju ko
madmazelle: haha
Cheese Hed: whhaat
Cheese Hed: oh ya
Cheese Hed: remind me to get u a tshirt
madmazelle: why nid me to remind u to get ME a tshirt?
madmazelle: = =
Cheese Hed: ya la
Cheese Hed: cause im always hanging out at my friends shop
madmazelle: oh
madmazelle: nice shirt?
madmazelle: got nice jacket?
madmazelle: XD
madmazelle: mms tengok
Cheese Hed: ahahha
Cheese Hed: shitty phone la
madmazelle: shit la u

Hmm i am still using my 2004/5 year SE W550i mobile phone. At least mine can mms!! Remember to get me a tshirt or jacker! :D Terima Kasih Cheese-san.  & stop jizzing!

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