Sunday, March 6, 2011

Band Berangan. (Band Wannabe)

Saturday night, jamming with KJ & Aizyl at Subang.

We played three songs, Gold Lion by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Here Comes Your Man by Pixies and Chatetan Konkerit (Biarkan) by Akta Angkasa.

Well tonight supposed to be 5 people, but our friends were busy with their work :( so they can't make it and we changed our song list like, this evening? few hours before the session, so no time for practice. I thought we all not gonna even play any song that would sound like a song should be, but we did not bad! :)  I played bass for two songs, is like having an express bass lesson! Yea my first time with bass so just basic and i love it. Khairul played the guitar and drum, same goes to Aizyl.

The only video i recorded was when we were playing cover of Akta Angkasa song. (Akta Angkasa? Who are they? A really good music band from Malaysia! Check them out. ) Love this song for a reason, enjoy:

Music start at 2:54.

Abang Studio:"tadi ada lagu tu, cam dengar je..."
Khairul:"oh izit Akta Angkasa, local band"
Abang Studio:" yeaa confirm local"

me & aizyl: " ha ha ha, damn he can hear us."

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