Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Recently, can't help but trying to reconstruct my whole brain. No not cutting open my skull and take out my jelly like brain but to rethink again the question that i've been buried deep deep down to my pelvic, near the ass. Yes you can see how determined i was to avoid this question.

Is not a question about saving the last drop of petroleum or tracking the location of the lost world - Atlantis, is a bit typical, or let me rephrase, is definitely a cliche question.

Kinda tired from distracting mind waves, will update tomorrow to reveal the question. Prepare yourself for the question of the century since big foot decided to say hi to the camera.

"Hi, kthxbai"


Hello again, after 3 days. I suck at keeping promises, that is why i never promise the question will be up 3 days ago. The question, kinda silly thou. Can i just shove this question back up to my guts?

Btw, i'm resetting my priorities & perception. Is not always about me me me anymore. I want the people around me to be happy, especially my family & friends.

Me, learn as much as i can.
What can i do to leave a trance in our ephemeral existence...or just drift away with the time.

I decided to do SONG OF THE DAY, music that are inspiring for the moment (for me) which give you a feeling which is transitory but it is eternal. Start from today my SOTD:

Look At Me - John Lennon (Legendary iconic musician) from his acoustic album. Gotta thanks Wes for this, only get to know this song from The Royal Tenenbaums' soundtrack. Great movie, great soundtrack, great music.


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