Sunday, March 20, 2011

My my.

Got home today, went in my room and everything felt different:

"Where is the tv set?"
"I took it to my room, you guys aren't using it right?"
"but.....hey why the arrangement of my room like went berserk!"
"You should give away your bean bag, is wasting space."
"but... is my bean bag, i won it."

That was during the evening, and night time:

So i was getting ready going to bed, went to the toilet to brush my teeth and realised my toothbrush went missing.

"Where is my toothbrush?!"
Laughter from my parents room.
"Where is my toothbrush?"
She was like half guilty half pleasure  (cause she was giggling) & whispered to me :" Try search for it in the trashcan!"

& yeah i took her took her toothbrush and brush it with the toilet bowl...

GOTCHA! i'm not that bad.. come on. :)
Dear mom, i love you so much. Be kind to me please?

1 comment:

Drake Sigar said...

Tell them you were hiding your entire life's savings inside the bean bag and now they have to support you forever.

Check and mate.