Friday, March 25, 2011

Rambut Berbiru. (Incoming Blue Hair)


Hotmail account got blocked cause it got hacked.
Apparently my email has been spamming the rest of the world merciless.
Had bad headache the whole day, and i think nice car hates me.
Maybe is the design of the passenger door..or i don't know but somehow it kept banging back at me. I mean i'm the one who closed the door but it just...or i just hit myself with it.
Fine, i'll be friend with Audi!

A very funny commercial, erm not sure if they allowed to do this:

btw, i like the tagline/caption : "Escape the Confines of Old Luxury"


i think, no, is i want to learn HTML5, okay i determine to do so!
saw a website built by Html5, and and and i want to create something like that. I mean, maybe i can be good at this... they said Flash will be obsolete soon. Flash, you will be missed!


Me and my friend starting this thing...but i will talk more about it once we really kick starting this thing.


yeah, is friday, friday friday..which seat can i seat? ( try search rebecca black on youtube, enjoy)


Speaking of the title:

My friend's friends' production. Entertaining!
Kepong ftw.

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