Sunday, March 20, 2011

/01 Videos

I love to go cinema and watch movies even though i hardly do that anymore.. hmm why.. anyway back to my point. I hate to rush for movie, i hate to be late because i hate to miss the opening sequence of the movie. Opening title is very crucial and essential for a movie, it set the entire mood and feel of the film.. A good start and a good ending to tide up the whole movie. And it always interesting to look at :)

If i miss any of the opening or end sequence in the cinema, my movie is not complete.

& another video about typography. Animated with each different font type start from A-Z. A cute little film by n9ve.

Quirky and fun, & loving the soundtrack!

Enjoy the videos!


Drake Sigar said...

I know what you mean, was watching Bedazzled again yesterday – great opening, ties into the ending nicely.

Madmazelle said...

yeaaa! if i missed it i would feel incomplete too :)