Monday, December 7, 2009

Running away!

This is sooo torturing, my eyes and my brain. SRI! Thesis require tremendous reading to finish and i honestly hvnt really read finish any of the articles...but i only read the part that have the keywords i wanted and extract sentences from there. SRI is crazy. People who write thesis are absolutely awesome and patient people. For now, i am not awesome.

I keep thinking about my FYP!! Can't wait to experiment with Pachube but SRI is stopping me....because the submission date is tomorrow.

I just can't concentrate on that now so i decided to share my POST-IT board!:

You need:
  • One empty plastic folder
  • One paper
  • Post-it notes
  • Pen

Post-it can't stick well on wall, and my table is facing the wall. So i use plastic folder as the platform...but empty plastic folder looks so plain so i simply write out and doodle something on it and then put in the folder facing you. Tada! Finish! Now take a post-it notes (more color the merrier), use a pen to jot down anything and stick on it. :D


Okay this is officially pointless. Back to my SRI. No more running.

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