Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is your benefits?

I need more $ to explore in my projects. God damn. This the time when you wish you wish you have more saving or born-rich.

Met my parents and relatives at airport yesterday, one of my uncle was taking off back to New Zealand. Anyway, i wanted to take this opportunity to propose my $ thing to my mom cause i not financially independent, yet. Well what about dad? I dont think he knows what am i actually studying anyway. Mom knows but not really, she cares more i guess.

It was so hard for me to ask for it but i did. She said she can borrow me first. Haha. Later, just taking money from my mom, i felt bad. "Maybe i shld tell her what my project is" Thats what i thought. I told her, my overall research for now.

She was not impressed definitely and she asked:" Whats is the thing you do, do you any good? What is the benefit of this?"

I can't answer it.
Because is my project? Because i could learn more? I can save the world? These are the obvious reasons but i can't answer her question.

Do i need to do something that benefits the whole world? I might, i might not. I know now, when she asked, she was asking about..will all this shit helps you in your future job? ensure your career? money? (She just worry abt me :D )

I really don't know. But one thing for sure, i am growing and learning.

Is it worth it? Hell yeah.

Me is better than money. If you know what i mean.


书其 said...

no need to feel bad, just promise them you'll be returning the money some day =D

this fyp is gonna find you a job anyway, ain't it? ^^

Madmazelle said...

i hope so.

i dont aim for jobs..i aim for the experience.

Maybe is not realistic but... for now i wan to learn as much as i can. Maybe job...i might be some business dude HAHA