Sunday, December 6, 2009

Plug in.

Look at my twitter page :D I customize the background a little bit. Now is much better. Tv bunny inspire by my fren, Su Mei's art.

It needs to be electrify! woohoo! ( Why am i so hype abt twitter now? Read my FYP blog) Expect more tweets from me soon. Last time i joined Twitter just to follow Johnny Depp but his account got suspended. Maybe is the fake 1 but oh well.

Now i going to use my tweets to follow some artists, community and friends.

See you guys there!

*Thinking of animating the background (but twitter dont support animated gif)


Google Stimulus Program had already started! Going to meet some clients and intern for google. How cool is that? I always loveeee google.

Now my focus going to be my Final Year Project, Special Research Interest (kill me pls), Badminton's test and assignments and Google! & my personal r&d.

Do visit my FYP site to give me some comments about my work. I do need it! Share your thoughts with me.


Sepet Vernz said...

i wan my rabbit!

About Us said...

wah my tv head rabbit glamour debut!