Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Take a deep breath, think back my life reel of 2009.

Oh my fucking shit. 2009 was a seeding year i guess. What is a seeding year? Well when you plant something, you bury the seed in the soil right? Ya i shall call this year a seeding year. I tried and learned a lot of new stuff and knowledge. Hopefully in the new year ahead, i will able to harvest my fruitful growth of experience. Waiting for everything to ripe, need the right time and effort. Hopefully i don't screw things up.

I got my car license, a bf, working with google, intern at IF interactive, met lots of people, experimenting with technology, doing the things i like etc. All the experience i gained, and i guess i'll be a little more mature by the end of 2009. Definitely.

Like the old time:

New year resolution for 2010!

Be awesome
Be great
Be wonderful

in everything. & my FYP 2010! I think i really love doing new media art thingy :)


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