Friday, December 25, 2009


PMR results out! What is PMR? Is some sort of exam that similar to a ticket for you to gets to another stage of your high school education. The time when u decides whether to take science stream or art stream. I had my glory moment of PMR. I didn't study hard for mine but i did study smart, thats why i got straight As but nobody believes me espeacially my parents. Oh well but PMR just a tip of an iceberg nothing to be proud of (for me) i guess.

But i really proud of my two cousins ( both were the candidates for this year). They did great i must say, one got straight As ( study type) and another one got 3As but i know she more into sport and cooking etc. As doesnt matter to me, really. Maybe for the sake of the visual eyes, As look good but i believe the growth of the very person is much more important. What if you get fucking hell lots of As but you are a serial rapist?

I can definitely positive that my cousin she is a very caring and street smart person and she is one of my aunties' favourite niece btw. Apparently i am perceive as attitude problem child among my relatives. Great. All i wanted to say here is CONGRATULATION TO Yee En and Apple. Maybe your parents/parent are hard on you guys but oh wth, just do what you guys love to do k...SPM is more important. :P

You both makes us proud alright! ( i dont think they read my blog anyway)

The thing is while chatting with my mom on gmail yesterday, my mom told me that my cousin cried because of her result and that her mom is not happy with her result i guess. My mom told me she doesn't really care abt As too.

So i told her:" Wah izzit okay if i dont get first class and grad?"
She answered:" I don't care. Is not for me, is for you. You are the one with the debt."
Okay, this sounds familiar:" hmm...i know"
She added up:" At least you try your best first, dont give up so easily. Do your best."

Thats my mom. She don't care about your result or whatever. You want some rewards because you get good result? Dream on. She won't give you anything. Why would she? The result is for ourselves, you do good or bad is up to you. You just have to take your own consequences of the choices you made. She don't care.

Ahh i hate and love her guts.

Anyway! Plan for my semester break:

  • Bloody SRI. Better finish it up by 15 Jan 2010. omg 2010 already.
  • Google Stimulus. Meet and call more clients. MOONEY.
  • Read up the books.
  • Buy the IR emitter an receiver. Experimenting.
I just mere human. It's been fucking long since the last time i shop! damn.

& to whom it may concern, merry xmas! Ho ho and Happy new year :)

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