Monday, March 8, 2010

Gone Baby Gone.

Woohoo just finished up all the websites for the Google Stimulus Program! 6am ! What should i do? Hmm watch some comedy drama + update my sad blog.

Late updates! This event happened just right before Chinese New Year. Actually it was my grandmother's aunty's daughter wedding dinner. Someone that related to me from far far away so is my relative then. The day before CNY, accompanied my cousins and sister shopping @ KL.


Okay back to what i said earlier. Anyway, the bride was quite young and she got married. Young as in within the range of 16-17. So basically the guy short gun. Boohoo. Okay i don't think nowadays people get marry that fast at such young age so remember to always have protected sex. :)

Anyway, i'm still sincerely wish the newlyweds live happily and stay strong through their marriage. I think i never spoken with her before...too far far away. Dinner, was like a small gathering between my close relatives and cousins! And Apple, XueMin, my sis and me were there which reminded me that the puripuri photo (kept in my waller forever) we took N years ago! So we relive the history by posing the same pose!

I was the whackiest :D Whack my face.

Love them. 

Two old fellas.

Do marriage tied down the knot or tied down the responsibility?

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