Monday, March 8, 2010

When all else failed, just stand back up. Like a pro.

Yesterday had dinner with my aunty. She asked me about the US program thing.

"Did you get through? Do i need to give you 100US Dollar? (laugh)"
"Err, i think no hope for now.."

Arrr, no news for now. I don't think i gonna get the spot but it was a nice visit to the US Embassy. Aww the chocolate moose little cake. Om Nom Nom. PSSZT. Why would om nom nom that famous? Check this video out:

Know Your Meme: Om Nom Nom from Rocketboom on Vimeo.

Good bye Mr. Obama!

Walking to the place...Some old gang were playing Mah Jong at the left side coffee shop. Stopped at Jalan Pasar.

Some dude's day i gonna write one page about myself.
In the reading room @ the US Embassy

Waiting. Still waiting.

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