Saturday, March 6, 2010


Watched The Capitalism: A love story by Michael Moore. A very interesting documentary on America's capitalism... Well abit hard for me to understand those finance or account terms. Thanks to greedy people we had economy meltdown & wallstreet people are evil (those bad 1). Do they have horns hiding under their hair?

Before that i did tarot cards reading with my mates. Yessh! Tarot card. I bought this set of tarot card many years ago..way back to the day when i was still wearing the blue and white uniform in highschool. I was curious back then and this kind of things always attract my attention. (bloodtypes, zodiac etc) Not blindly believe in it but somehow believed in it. Fun.


I am happy today. I just found out something lately and it was real sweet. I still can't forget about it. I can't stop laughing since thn. Sorry :P ehehee i guess i will never get use to this.

Thank you.

Reality is so much better than living happily ever after (dark and twisty quote) hehe . Try me prince charming!

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