Monday, March 22, 2010



A not chronicle photos time line of my ephemeral existence in this third rock from the sun. You know, saja.

Woke up at 730am to visit the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Putrajaya, my cousins, sis and mom went there too. Highlights of the day : Meeting my family and darth vader flying around in Putrajaya. The dark lord is here!

Oh ya, this noon me and Von accompanied Myra to KL for her friendly tennis session with hers cousin's cousin, Leon. Guess what, we met Jojo Struys and her partner Michael. Jojo and Michael are involved in the Project Alpha , Malaysia's first online show about famous bloggers.  Well, i heard about this project before, from xiaxue's blog. Sounds fun! btw,  they are all really friendly people and Jojo looks lovely and pretty even without make up :)  Nice to meet you all!

Good night world, it was an exhausting day!

*There is nothing wrong with the arrangement of the photos. hehee.

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