Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Heavy Rain!

My hsemate got hold on a new released game - Heavy Rain, The Origami Killer. I love this game! We've been playing this game for almost 7hrs straight. Even Myra got caught up with the story and can't seem to get up and bath :P but she bathed in the end.

This game fresh from playasia.com which my hsemate Wayne ordered (I guess). I played the demo before and it was a fun interactive movie like game. Every decision you made determine the outcome of the story. After playing the full game for 7hrs, we still hvnt found out who is the origami killer...the plot was getting complicated! More clues were revealed and more suspicious characters. BTW the 3D characters in this game are very convincing and life like compared to others. Well the eyes part still lacking some soul in it..imho. Overall the movement, animation are very good.

For me, Heavy Rain is more like a movie where player can participate or role play as one of the actor/actress. You can interact with the other characters or the environment. The fun part is you never knows what coming next. Not like ordinary movie which have only 1 ending, this have like many endings and it is determine on how you make your decisions in the game.

This game, hmm so far so good. Can't wait to dig out the origami killer.

Rating this game 8.5/10 , will rate again after finish the whole game. Highly recommend to those player that loves psychological investigation interactive new thingy. Enjoy.

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