Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just that moment.

I'm always fascinated by movies/pictures, film. When i discovered that, movies were created with million of moving frames/still frames, i fell in love with every single frames of it.

The idea of movie is to capture the moment that could have a significant impact in the 'life' of the movie/story. Be it tiny thing like taking out the trash or having some intimate time. Imagine daily things that we went through in real life, it might not seem much but in movie, the director able to capture and preserve or select the ideal scenes and make it seems like it is the moment. I'm not sure if i really understand this but somehow i think i know. Every scenes in the movie is the moment that we all been through or hoping to encounter in real life. (note: not apply to zombie, apocalypse, thriller, horror related movies)

Ahh, i miss watching films.

Freezing the moment:

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