Sunday, October 30, 2011

Be careful.

Becareful what you wish for cause it might just bite you back in the arse.

I asked for mad, and yes i turned mad. 
I had a meltdown at the office last Friday and it was definitely not a good feeling at all. I've never ever show this side of me in public. Definitely felt really vulnerable and down right humiliating, for me.

Am i holding too much inside or i'm just being weak... can i blame the PMS? 

I think i have to learn to respect my own body and pray my body won't do this shitty thing to me again.

"You couldn't climb and you were too brave to sink."

A short hiatus is coming soon, really soon. I'm not sure if my holiday mood is on. A lot of things happened lately and i can't do anything to stop any of those from invading deeper. 

Be strong, just be strong. Everything will be back to normal.

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