Monday, June 6, 2011

Accepting Sunday.

Sunday, not as pain-poking as last time anymore. I tried real hard to accept Sunday, accept the fact that is not Sunday's fault that Monday come after Sunday.

I tried to fill in some activities for Sunday, usually i will appoint Sunday with no plans. Now Sunday get a fair share of 'excitement'. When will i love Monday, i'll never know. The day that i love Monday will be the day that i reach inner peace within self. The day i will master the real kung fu... Ops, don't mind me i just watched Kung Fu Panda 2! :) It was awesome.

So, back to Sunday. See you after 6 days. We shall meet again, maybe this time we can have a cheeseburger.


Drake Sigar said...

And some fries. Don't get cheap on me. :P

Madmazelle said...

haha double up wedges for you ya! :D