Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dining with the Mayor.

Hello, Saturday night. Me and my friends suppose to watch movie but we were too late. All movies were fully booked, of the weekend. Everyone looking forward to the weekend, weekend.. Okay i will stop singing that song. Rebecca Black y u no sing about Saturday?!

So ended up, we hang out at the usual place nearby. My friend was the Mayor of the cafe.. Well, you will get me if you play foursquare (an iphone application). Basically if you check in to that place more than certain amount of times and much more than others, you will get the mayorship (virtually). Anyway, the boss there was pretty kind to us, i told him this when he was taking our order:

"Hey, my friend is the mayor here! can we get special treatment?" me.
"......... (*smile)" the boss.
"Can you not be crazy?" my friend.

My friend, the 'mayor' she ordered the japanese chicken snack thingy but the boss said out of stock. BUT later, we had a special extra free snack treat from the boss! Hooray, mayor ftw! Super full from all the sinful snack...oh gawd i just had bak kut teh for my dinner. I really need to exercise. :)

And so, the story is, if you want to get something don't afraid, just ask...people are generally friendly. (quote from my another friend)

btw, i'm a fire!!!!! BURN BABY BURN!

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Drake Sigar said...

Yesterday I asked my brother what day it was and rolled my eyes when he answered “Friday, Friday, Friday” and continued to repeat it for three hours. He’s persistent, I’ll give him that.