Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello blog.

Hello my rusty old messy blended with craps life journey blog.
It's been awhile, i thought technology would help me out with staying in touch with you but we can never expect the best, flaw will always be there and bite us in the ass without warning. Like jaws (the eerie dramatic jaws' theme song on for 10secs and fade out)....

A long sigh, SIGH.

Oh, Google posted me an air mail. I've been a very faithful peasant to you my Google! Thanks for the little gift :)  Not sure how i gonna use it thou. I appreciate your effort to drive more visits to my petty little blog but..lets face it, 20views in one week? Long way my man, long way.

Google Air Mail. In my face.

So i was pretty busy with things, things like work stuff, thinking what to eat for lunch, how to make a website with HTML 5, save up money for my Thailand trip (not doing any effort in this) and yadda yadda didaaaa boo. I came back for you Madmazelle, i think i sort of missing your nonchalant existence in this enormous, supernova exploded big banged internet digital world. Me, posting up meaningless, sometimes extra inspiring, most of the time blant posts. Only you would listen to my rant, continue letting me write despite how bad my grammar is... damn.

I will not for asleep in English class.
I will not for asleep in English class.
I will not for asleep in English class.
FYI, i did not command+c (ctrl +c ) and command+v ( ctrl +v ).

oh wait is i will not fall asleep...........

What else, oh and little surprises along the way, comments from random people. Random thoughts, random places, random time. Minus the porn bot. I don't comment much but i do read. Forgive me.

"Tell me what you drinking, baby let me know. You don't have to pay for any one of those tonight." said Ne-yo.
"I'm drinking Milo kosong ice." said me.
"I'm kinda cocky cause i'm a boss." said Nee-yo.
"Boss, wheres my Milo kosong ice?" said me.
"..... damn this shit, cant you drink some martini cocktails or wine?" annoyed Nee-yo.
"Eh macha, just give me my Milo kosong ice" said me.
".........milo kosong ice satu." said Nee-yo.

Milo (chocolate and malt powder) kosong (local malay word - "empty" meaning no milk added) ice (freeze water cube that cool the drinks)

Last time used to be RM1.20 per glass, now some mamak stall charge for RM2.00 or RM2.20. Capitalism!

Do you love milo kosong? I do.


Normaron said...

Milo Kosong??

I DOOOO!!!!!!

Madmazelle said...

yes! milo kosong!

mana blog kamu? :)