Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good night Saturday.

Lazy Saturday.

It was a slothful day. I literally fainted in my room the whole day, practically i just did nothing. I was super exhausted this whole week... I don't know why maybe because got something to with the er women thing. Gosh, i think i just wasted my Saturday. When i woke up, half day was gone.. all i did was watching HIMYM for two seasons. Doing nothing made me more tired but it was good entertainment, i meant the show. :D

 So, to save my Saturday i decided to continue study my HTML5... Previously i did one HTML5 website but not completely convinced myself that was a HTML5 website. So i shall call this "make-myself-feel-useful" comeback for Saturday night.

Dedicate this song (currently on my playlist) to Saturday because i ain't got human to dedicate to at this hour:

The Kills - Baby Says.
This song is awesome.

est belle ma moustache?

If i am a man, i want to be a great man, with moustache. Too bad, god shoved me a vajayjay. Deal with it, just deal with it.

"Baby says, a howl of romance i get, from all you sleeping dogs, you thugs of god. I'll get one yet"

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