Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grow up.

Growing up is tough, sometimes. Only sometimes.

We get this mix feelings of hatred, jealousy, loneliness, envious, lustrous etc. The feelings are stronger compare to what we felt when we were young.

Suck it.

Why can't we all be angelic, caring, loving? I meant me.

Sorry, i am just dark & twisty. I wish i can brings light upon darkness. I just wish i can make you laugh., make you happy.

Gonna be a tough, but i will try.
Cause i know, i know i was once an amiable little kiddo too. Just like you.

Maybe not. Damn wheres my smiley face!
yess >> that lil gal, my sis. Pout lips is not a new thing.

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Sepet Vernz said...

= 3="

the hell....