Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dearly Beloved.

I had a dream about my Gong Gong. Yes my grandpa. It was last Friday or Thursday, i had a dream about my dear gonggong.

I can't remember the beginning or the ending part, i just remember the middle part where you came into my dream and met me:

I was at a parking lot, waiting for someone, somebody i know to come and fetch me back home. I did not know who will come but i knew was someone special. After waited for awhile, i got impatient, wanted to call somebody but out of nowhere a dark metalic blue, modified kelisa-kinda-look-alike car drove near me. I catched a glimpse, holyshit! Gong Gong was the one who driving that car! I got into the car, the first thing i said to him:" Gong Gong! How come you can drive? 公公, 你可以驾车的? " "How come you know i am here?" He just smiled and look at me. Then he drove me to some place, i cant remember... i got down from the car and met someone. He just left after that. Just gone, again.

I woke up feeling weird. Went to office, it was a slow day and was excitingly chatting about movies with my fren Charuk. Somehow i told him abt my dream. Charuk replied me back that :" Your grandpa miss you." I cried. I just cant take it, my tears just rolled out in the office. Everything, every memories of gong gong just came suddenly, rushing to my brain... How he used to hold my little hand and guided me cross the road, how he scolded me, how he called my name, how he used to tell me historical stories, and how he took his last breathe in front of my eyes.... every sentence is past tense now. I hate it.

东方红太阳升,中国出了个毛泽东。 他为人民谋幸福,呼儿咳呀, 他是人民的大救星.

I even asked you to teach me to sing this song.

I shld have hold on to you when you are still here. Forgive me gong gong.

I miss you so much. Desa house, 婆婆家 is not the same without your presence.

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