Monday, August 31, 2009

Dearly Beloved.

I dreamed of my dearly grandpa again yesterday. It was weird and funny and sad in a way. ( just notice that this month is the hungry ghost month)

I shall just skipped that weird part cause it was quite weird and scary and i dont want to remember that haha but funny in a way. You talked to me this time, haha you asked me to get rid of all those useless tables and stuff in my house because is not pretty. I agreed but i just cant help but to stare at you.

" Gong Gong, you are fine! You're back... ( i started to cry)"

Then you came towards me and hugged me.

I went out because i had to grab some stuff from my fren's hse (opposite) i ran as fast as i can to take my stuff so that i can get back by your side again but instead i woke up from my dream.

Is just a dream, is not real. You're not here anymore. I cried.

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