Saturday, March 22, 2008



I'm back... don't worry i hvn't die yet. Damn lo! Holidays going to end soon and er tons of assignments haven't do yet . . XD BUT i did manage to finish my friend's designs just now. I hope i get positive feedback yet everything are still new to me ( designing fliers, posters, banner and menu) so if anything i did forgive me!! ^^"

Currently playing a mmorpg called NOSTALE. Is chinese language game thou ( i prefer english..easier to read from screen) Is a very cute mmorpg and quite fun to play with...the bad part is the character. I can't really customize my character .. there are just two different hairstyles - -" Hope that when get to higher levels then can change to something more stylish hehe

I am now Level 18 after 1 night of chiong lvl . We can choose our class when our job level reach lvl 20. So shld i go for swordman or mage? = 3= OH ya and there this lil house of your own that you can build it...XD

If anyone interested can check this website up :

Quite tired now = = i think i will play later XD

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