Sunday, March 30, 2008


Shout Sing SKL!

Yesterday night called Jian Yi ! aka gal gal to accompany me sing k. He always teman me go sing k..hehe thx Jian Yi! oh ya and to celebrate his bday also . . cause when he bday i din get to celeb with him. Add on the weather damn fucking 'guk' went to sing k at 11pm! woohooo!

We went to Lowyat Redbox but full so end up at Greenbox at sungai wang. We can sing till 4am but Jian Yi had to go back earlier cause he and his family going back Ipoh to 清明. Anyway as usual i had fun singing with him. . damn funny la he sing till kenot breathe LOL

Then we ciao at around 3am .... dim zhi wtf traffic jam. = = KL really KL, ppl love to clubbing here. Poor Jian Yi suppose to reach home by 3am but oh well..~ 4am only reached . XD

Jian Yi kor kor also going to Melaka soon. God 1 year wei, gonna miss u! Take care dude. You know i know we know can ald . HAHA

Thx for the chuu! Dai Gor Zai lo! 20 years old ah pek! Wish you have a smooth sail ahead and happy always..and success in life ya!

"Take my pic~ take my pic" And yes i took this pic for you. HAHA


Muahaha! Chu! Too dark.

Smile! ^^

The food is good. Trust me. XD

What abt another session? XD

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