Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Do you ever think the action you did will be forgiven that easily?
Had you lost your mind when you decided to do what you did to her?
Do you feel any remorse or even a slightest regret of your own words and actions?

I asked, you said no.
It kills me.

Seems like pretty easy for you to just break apart from us.
Do you ever really care about me? I don't think so.
I can't feel it.

Why are you speaking to me now with such kind tone?
You should have known i was really disappointed at you, how can you talk with me in such a normal conversation?
Are you feeling lonely now that everyone you close to are drifting away from you?
Have you ever think that why people avoid your presence?

Please stop.
When this kind of shit happens, you have to pick side. Our, you or her.
I picked us but you don't, so i am with her now.

Stop talking to me with such kind tone. I can't take it.
Just ignore my existence like how you isolated yourself from all of us.
Your zero effort to want us to work things out, i can't see you anymore.

When you hurt her, you hurt me too.
Everything happens for a reason, I guess this is the best i can do.


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