Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello Bali (4D3N) !

Day Two

Woke up early in the morning, like around 630am... Long trip ahead, like really long trip.
My favourite location at Bali - Kintamani. A very beautiful place with volcano, mountain, lake, cooling air... everything just perfect for this getaway.

After a long hours car ride, ass pain but totally worth it!
Volacano and a lake. 

Myra & me. Tired but happy face.

A boat man approached us, and asked us if we want to ride 'sampan' (boat) to see a tomb. He asked for a high price, after haggling for 10mins finally we settled at around 200,000 rupiah each. Took a another 20mins ride to the nearby village to dock the boat.

A very chill-relax village:

Kids there love KPOP. I heard some girls singing "Nobody nobody but you" and the signature dance.

My servants..muahaha.


A tiny place by the lake, after around 40mins of roll roll roll your boat, finally reach the place. Theres a tribe of villagers that "bury" their deceased member at the site, letting the body to decompose without really bury the body underground. Once the body is fully decompose, the bone and skull are collected and display by the site on a stone. When we reached there we can't smell any foul aroma as most of the decompose thing give out a strong smell. The tour guide said because of the big tree, it gives out a very aromatic scent and absorb the bad odour. Amazing! 

Welcome to . . .

Dragon tail with offering.

The tree behind is the legendary tree!

Beside us is the guardian that guard the place.

I got a chance to play the traditional instrument of Bali! Love the tone of the sound that came out from the instrument. Rain started to fall after that, so we quickly sail back to the dock and had a very delicious lunch cooked by the local aunty.

The served a very delicious fish, the local call it "Ikan Mujairab"
The fish freshly steamed and covered with sambal! spicy but tasty!

Till next time! Monkey yo!

* Photo all from Keat's camera :)

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