Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hello Bali (4D3N) !

Early November i went to Bali with just two friends. Both i knew them since uni time and my ex-housemates, one girl & one boy. This was kind of like "okay-just-lets-go-and-have-fun" trip, we booked the flight ticket at very last minute and cost us around RM500+ each, which was pretty expensive in my opinion. (hey you can get like RM600(flight ticket) for Korea) Anyway we just went with the flow and yeap, BALI here we go.


My friend, Keat went there earlier (3 days earlier) than me and Myra as our flight were different. For the first two days, we din't got to book any of the accommodation so what the heck right, none of us were worried because Bali have ample of places to stay, just walk-in is fine. Keat managed to find a homestay at Ubut area and it was pretty comfortable and homely. Haha.

First day, we explored around Ubut with our tour guide, which Keat hired. Oh man, i forgot his name but he is a very cool guy. Let's call him cool guy for now. Cool guy brought us to have a balinese style meal cause i am eager to taste the local food!

Balinese style lunch set, pork sate with some pork intestines and fried pork fat and veggie at the side.

Love love love the soup which made of banana stem? Tasteful and authentic.
I miss this soup.

After local delicacies, went to Monkey Forest. Yes is full of monkey, bananas and tourists from all over the world. It was drizzle for the whole afternoon but it was fun. When was the last time i walked under the rain like a boss? haha definitely not in KL.

Hey look is the sun!

And when walking back out, a tiny golden creature flew by in front of me. Curious as a cat, i jumped and follow the golden hue trail. Oh my, it was a ladybug-like bug with transparent body with gold and bronze pattern. Amazing!

Can you spot the bug? Anybody know what species is this?
Sry i don't have state-of-art camera.

x-large photo are from my friend, Keat's camera.
Now you can see the bug clearly :)

After Monkey Forest, we went to visit few temples and places. Went in one of the temple to visit and bumped into some ceremony, a kind uncle explained to us the meaning and story of each pagoda but with some incentive of course.

Most of their offerings are made of rice or decompose things, which is good for the environment.

 Got back to our homestay around evening. Walk in a tiny street with lovely words and painting written on the road. A small Bali inspired front door greeted us, our homestay place:

Rested and night went out to hunt for the famous 'babi-guling' and the shop was closed, ate at 'warong' instead. After that walked around Ubut area and yeap drizzled night. I am fairly impressed with the design of most of the cafes in Bali, all very unique and fun to look at.

Drank fruit juice at a juice bar, oh and we had beer earlier, beer was cheap:

Myra with monkey king.

First day in Bali : mixed feeling, surreal (getting use to holiday mood) + excitement.


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