Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I am still here.

This is really out of nowhere. I am still here some way, somehow.

Not trying to be sentimental here but i guess i can say this: i just survived a terrible car accident.

Last wednesday night, i was out fetching my aunt to check out if hers husband was alright. All i can say that my uncle is quite of a heavy drinker but dude it was weekday... Anyway whole lot of mini drama went on between, finally got to go back around 1150pm.

Me and my aunt were in my little car, Kancil. I were driving at the left lane, the road seemed fine, less car, smooth ride. Then suddenly, a drunktard's car decided to hit me from the side.

Bang, burst, bang, crushed to the side. Trust me, is like a real life action movie. Everything happened so fast, the moment that car collided with my car, every scenes were like 30fps. Omg, wtf, how the hell and fears, all combined into one thing - screams.

Whole process less than 5-7sec, but was the scariest ride of the life time. Seriously, seriously! Drunk people should chain themselves on the ground and make sure they dont drive on the road under any influence!

Really glad that me and my aunt were alright. No major injuries but we both suffered the impact.. Bloody shit i banged my head to the side window and my head bleed like loose pipe. Blood dripping as i walked out from the car but luckily the cut was not deep.

What hurt me the most is now, my body absorbed all the impact and is tormenting me. Only painkiller can soothes out the pain.. Last two days was wonderful but i try not to rely on painkiller now.. But the pain creeping back slowly to me.

I hope i dont suffer any internal injuries cause the doctor refused to send me for scanning. The fact that i can still walk in this ground they thought i was not too bad.. I hope i am not too bad.

I cant slp well, the accident is replaying in my head. They said i should move on and look forward. I did. I went out i dont want to stay home but yet i am still abit paranoid. I am trying.

I am trying really hard to stay alive regardless of what just happened. I do, i swear.

Seriously, drunktard if you want to get wasted, go and waste your own life without jeopardizing others.

Me? Just keep breathing.

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