Tuesday, July 5, 2011

About 23.

Hello older me day number 5. So 23, not quite i expected to be 10 years ago but pretty much there ya? Twisted, broken, exhausted but still jumping, kicking and breathing.. Steadily and surely.

I've been away for one whole week for a 6days 5nights trip to Bangkok, Thailand. A much needed hiatus after 7 months of living a normal cycle day to day life.

At 23, i had my first trip cross nation, on a plane, with only my friends and spent ruthlessly on everything (travel). My dear friends even celebrated my birthday there, at a restaurant decorated with condoms. Yay...

At 23 i don't really care about the celebration the party or what not. Wait.. I don't really care about it anyway but this year was rather quiet. People got lazy to celebrate when they are 23, i think this just apply to me. ;)

To b continued.

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