Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sharing session.

Went back to my University yesterday with Khairul and Anwar.
We conducted a not so formal sharing session with the Juniors from virtual reality. Well the lecturer, Avi invited us to give a brief introduction and demo about microcontroller - Arduino. Khairul did the presentation and introduction, Anwar shared with them his previous project and tips & i conducted a mini demo session on using the Arduino.

We are not pros but my target is to share what i know with the juniors. At least now they understand the basic of microcontroller..hopefully. haha

And what the hell! Now the faculty have a new media lab & is pretty cool! I remembered last time my class, we need to buy all the equipments ourselves and now the lucky ones have a very own studio with space to solder and even provided them with the materials. 

It was a fun experience, to be in the class again. Even though the crowds were few (half the class went missing), i think i had a good experience, somehow.

Now, where is my ethernet shield!

The lab.

Students trying out Arduino after my demo.

Experiment #13.

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