Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hello, my dearly beloved.

I can't believe its been 2 years since you passed away. "Time will heal everything" they said.
Yes, i laughed i jumped i ate i drank i drove i worked i slept, everything was normal again.
But everytime when i think of you, i can't help it but to feel a guilt of being happy without you. I don't want to forget you, i'm afraid the memories of me and you will fade away slowly with the time.

It was the annual 'Qing Ming' festival for the chinese, the time where we have to pay our respect to our ancestor. Me & the rest of the family went to visit you last weekend. It was a very sunny morning, blazing.
Do you even know we were there? When i think of you i want to believe, you went to a better place & actually pretty happy.

We will all see you again next year :) I miss you so much grandpa.

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