Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Resampling09 : SetUp

Hi. My major class had organized an exhibition at Egallery FCM building! The exhibition is to chowcase our final project for this sem.  Check out ReSampling09 for more information about my class DM Gamma 3 Installation Exhibition! 
The poster above  is design by Cheese. Nice rite :D  Anyway as for my group ( KhairulJ, Cheese & me) we set up our installation on Monday till Tuesday, the exhibition is on Wednesday May 13. 
All of us Dm-ians work very hard for this installation exhibition and i believe is a fun experience to all of us. Here are some photos on the set up day(photos hp quality):

Setting up!

The overall look (not yet done)

More works!

Tired coursemate #1

Tired Coursemate #2

Our ID tag.. yeah we are artists!

Tomorrow is the actual exhibition! COME AND VISIT US :D 

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